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polyurethane provides extraordinary resistance against:

  • stains and scratches
  • steam, moisture and liquid spills
  • variations in temperature
  • uv light in interior environments

"no need to worry about finding a finish to suit your purpose, with our wide colour and texture range! not to mention our assorted edge profiles"

- jamie crick, director professional polycoaters

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16 bayldon road, queanbeyan nsw
ph: (02) 6297 1944
fax: (02) 6297 1188


we use high quality evic paint and finishing products.

although we can offer a range of finishes, our primary work applies a polyurethane finish.

why use polyurethane?

polyurethane is a highly durable and prestige choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. it not only looks great, it is exeptionally resistant to conditions normally found in kitchens and bathrooms, such as heat, moisture and stains.

when properly cared for, surfaces coated in polyurethane can last for twenty years or more and look almost as good as the day they were painted. in fact, a properly finished polyurethane door can often outlast the hinges it hangs on!